Our work falls primarily into two organizational arms: Online content development and offline organizing. 

During the 2020 election cycle we accomplished much in both fields.

  • With our 5K for KY voter registration program we reached out to over 5,500 potential new KY voters
  • We partnered with the People’s Campaign to contact about 7,000 voters with their safe, contactless, No More Mitch lit drops in high potential voter precincts
  • We texted over 40,000 voters in the KY 6th to urge them to #DitchMitch and help make sure they knew how to vote 
  • We pitched in to help phonebank for Amy and for Josh Hicks
  • We organized 9 visibility events! A Moscow Mitch Monday rally and 8 Save SCOTUS, See Ya Senator Saturdays, and these generated a few media hits! 
  • We’re very proud of our video efforts! We produced 29 episodes of our weekly livestream, #MoscowMitchMonday, with over 100K views over the last 100 days of the race – 24K views of our Mitch’s laughing at us ad & another 24K views of Nate’s song, “Mitch, Please!”

We offer informed progressive content with a growing online local active presence. Rep. Attica Scott, Amy McGrath, Charles Booker, Mike Broihier, Sen. Morgan McGarvey, Rev. Clark Williams, Rev. Dr. Nancy Jo Kemper, KY Democratic Party Executive Director Mary Nishimuta, Forward Kentucky publisher Bruce Maples, and other respected, progressive voices have all been interviewed on our weekly livestream/podcast.

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